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This Time-Tested Method Gives You All the Information You Need to Make the Money You Deserve In a Career You'll Love
If You Feel :
  • Constantly stressed and depleted by your current job… To the point that you hate getting out of bed in the morning…
  • Undervalued and underappreciated… Your coworkers enjoy promotions, pay raises, and preferential treatment while you do all the hard work…
  • Lost and confused about your "life's calling"… To the point that you feel like you are spinning your wheels and life is passing you by as you continue to age…
Then you need to read every last word of this letter because it holds the "key" information and "battle plan" for helping you to unlock your inner greatness by fundamentally changing the way you think about your "dream job"…
Hello Career Changer, 

If you'd like to create that "dream lifestyle" in which you are fueled with passion every day by the career that you have chosen (instead of the one that you just "fell into")… Regardless of age, physical or mental ability, or even the job market… Then this is the most important letter that you'll ever read.

And by the way…
Yes! You Really Can Have The Job Of Your Dreams!
But before you discover the simple, yet effective process to getting yourself from where you are TODAY to where you want to be TOMORROW, you need to know something:

No matter what the "lifestyle coaching" industry has been telling the world for years...

There is no such thing as a "job soul mate".

Those coaches pile on the pressure to just "search and find" that one job that is going to fulfill you personally, professionally, and even spiritually…

But the reality is that you are a unique and powerful person with multiple talents and skill sets…

And you have an entire arsenal at your fingertips for creating fulfillment in MANY potential careers!
This Is Incredible News If You've Ever Felt Discouraged By The Prospect Of Changing Jobs…
You see, two things happen once you realize there's no such thing as a "soulmate" job.

1. You remove the pressure of finding the "perfect" job.

2. You increase your chances of finding, and qualifying for, a "perfectly fulfilling" job.

Once you realize how to break through the "soulmate job" trap… you'll discover MULTIPLE ways to make yourself happy and feel fulfilled in your work life… and you'll find that MANY of those options are in demand and searching for YOU right now.

In a lot of ways, it's like winning the job search lottery!
This Information Is So Priceless & Transformative That I Want To Share It With You TODAY!
Here are a few things I discovered along the way to finding a meaningful career:
  • There is no 1 “career soulmate” out there, but there are plenty of soul-sucking, dead-end options if you don't choose carefully.
  • There are more career options with the potential to excite you than you could possibly realize... hiding in places you’d never guess… I’ll show you how to find them.
  • Before you can make a change, you need to gain clarity… and clarity is the HARD part… I’ll walk you through it.
  • The perfect job where every day is happy and nothing ever goes wrong… is a myth. But there is a way to deal with the ups and downs… I’ll give you all the tools you’re going to need.
We’ll sort through all the myths and misconceptions and just plain BAD ADVICE when it comes to changing careers. And we’ll set you up on a solid, science-based foundation that will rocket your chances of success.
A Meaningful Career that You Love… that Pays You What You’re Worth... is Absolutely Within Your Grasp
The idea of changing careers is nothing new to you. Chances are, you’ve read all the trendy books… taken goofy personality tests... picked the brains of every friend or family member until they won’t take your calls anymore… and finally tried other career programs but found they were:
  • Too basic and simplistic to be of any use
  • Too “out there” with all the magical, think-yourself-to-riches nonsense
  • Too complicated and difficult to translate into reality
The No Regrets Career Academy is different. Here, you'll find:
  • Not one single touchy-feely exercise or woo-woo method. Experience the security and comfort of having a proven structure and scientific method to work from while the steady hand of a Ph.D. (That's me, Jen) personally guides you step-by-step toward the focus and clarity you’ve been missing...
  • An 8-week program designed to lead you through the concrete steps it takes to achieve your own personal vision for success...
  • Why you should leave pursuing the career you dreamed of as a child to all the astronaut ballerinas…
  • How to approach the questions you need to ask yourself in order to break through the wall that's holding you back...
  • Plenty of examples from previous Academy graduates -- so you know that what you are experiencing is not unusual. So you have the benefit of others’ knowledge to help you along your journey... No matter where you're at now...
Stop Feeling Like a Failure Because You Can’t Figure Out What You Want to Do “When You Grow Up” -- Even if You’re In Your 50s!
If you’ve dreamed of changing careers, but are afraid due to age, inexperience, education, lack of connections… Whatever… What you need is a way to safely explore new career options without having to commit. Get the confidence and science-based training you need to the make the change safely. 
The No Regrets Career Academy sets you up for the most amazing career success of your life as you learn…
  • How to set yourself up for almost CERTAIN success in virtually any career that meets all your criteria
  • How to get started on your journey with a shoestring budget and go on to land prestigious, high-paying positions.
  • Why failing to have a strategy to deal with your career change will guarantee your failure.
  • How to find out if you’re going to love a new career BEFORE you make a commitment… we’ll show you how to test the waters. 
  • How you can dictate your own identity to the world -- as you want it to be -- and not follow the crowd in order to get the job.
  • The one mistake even seasoned professionals make that drains the power from their interviews… and the secret trick that shortcuts your way to an interview presence that commands respect.
  • How to identify your natural talents and strengths in the shortest time possible… while you improve your level of communication with everyone you meet!
No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
If You Want To Wake Up To A Life You Love And Enjoy Financial Freedom, Do What Successful People Do... 
Find someone who is already successful at what you want to do, and follow in their footsteps. Learn from all of their mistakes so YOU don't have to make the same ones. Even better, learn from their successes so you can recreate them over and over.

I vow to take you from the CONFUSION you are currently feeling… and provide you with every tool necessary to deliver you the CLARITY you crave to achieve the career that will set your heart soaring again.
Discover the Work that Makes You Come Alive
When I started the No Regrets Career Academy, I enjoyed a decent salary and the comfortable life style that comes with that. However I found myself overworked and ultimately unfulfilled. The course provided me with a road map for discovering my dream career. Sometimes it takes a third party to look at our situation and give the appropriate advice. I am now working with some of the brightest individuals in the industry and I really love what I do. I'm like an evangelist who has seen the promised land of professional life and can't help but share my experience and how the No Regrets Career Academy played an important part.


An IT professional who discovered he didn't need to change careers, he just needed to stop holding himself back from the opportunities he really wanted...
I have a full time job that I love doing -- thanks to the No Regrets Career Academy. Jen's course and coaching opened my eyes to options I had not explored, and doors to new opportunities have opened for me. Before her course, I'd felt stuck in a job I no longer liked after being ‘demoted’ and ‘reorganized.’ But I'm now working in the field I want to be in and am testing freelance and internship ideas as well!


From Quality Assurance to Writer & Editor
Working, going to school, having a family with 3 children, and doing a career change at the same time has been challenging! I don't think I could have done it without the structure of the No Regrets Career Academy. I can’t believe that I’m now being paid to do work that I’m passionate about. I really can say that Monday is now my favorite day of the week. 


From government program manager to organizational and professional development
This is just to let you know that I landed a new job! Three months after having finished the No Regrets Career Academy, I have now found a job that corresponds nearly 100% to the ideal job as I described it in one of the exercises: marketing job, in fashion industry, 15 minutes from home by car, once per quarter travel abroad, financially ok, long term perspective. It was tough to get my foot in the door, but I never lost faith, and they finally chose me. Not for my experience, but for my vision, enthusiasm, honesty and drive. It's been a rough journey, and this course has been instrumental in getting things straight in my head and in my heart. I’m so happy!!!


From Belgium
Take a Peek Inside the No Regrets Career Academy Curriculum

Redefining Success

➜    Identify limiting assumptions that keep you working way below your potential

➜    Get a crystal clear picture of what your ideal life looks like so you can stay motivated and design for it

➜    Finally put your finger on the reasons why your current career isn’t a good fit

➜    Learn how small events in your past can help you rekindle your sense of self-worth

➜    Why extrinsic motivators like money aren’t evil (and how to channel those desires for good)

➜    How to use your definition of success to eliminate job offers that sound good but will make you miserable in the long run

Understanding Yourself

➜    Why most people freak out and over-analyze their passions (and how to dial down the pressure in finding yours)

➜    My proven methodology for getting MUCH more specific about the activities that make you come alive

➜    Three methods for determining your strengths—without taking hokey tests

➜    Identify the tasks you loathe and learn how they can benefit your career search

➜    How to expand your sense of the possible before the negative self-talk rains on your parade

➜    How to rationally narrow your options and start taking action

Overcoming Your Fears

➜    You’ve heard horror stories about people taking career risks – how to know it won’t happen to you

➜    How “premortems” can help you identify and prevent the most common career change mistakes

➜    Determine the balance between a career you love and your financial obligations

➜    The reverse engineering process that helps you identify viable careers that meet your success criteria

➜    How to test drive one or more career options without ever leaving your current job

➜    How test drives can dramatically accelerate your time to getting hired in a career with no prior experience


Bonus #1: Expert Coaching Library (Value $200)

Get the benefits of having a coach while being able to complete the exercises at your own pace. Buy now and you'll have access to our Coaching Library, including more than 20 videos addressing common problems and obstacles faced by career changers. Get bored easily? Want to learn how to identify and tap into your intrinsic motivation in your new career? We've got you covered. And if you can't find the help you need, you can request a video just for your problem!

The Coaching Library also includes recorded interviews and webinars with various experts, such as Pam Slim on the ideal personality types for entrepreneurs; Gretchen Rubin on finding career happiness; Marci Alboher on why two careers are sometimes better than one; Tyler Tervooren on overcoming your fears; and many more!

Bonus #2: 16 Inspirational Interviews with Successful Career Changers (Value $100)

Listen to 16 interviews with inspiring, successful career changers who offer their perspective on how they found their ideal career and what lessons can be passed on to others. 

Includes insights from Bo Eason, former NFL football player turned Broadway playwright; Jon Salyards, the only Westerner to get hired by a Japanese Trust Bank (and then parlay that into financial independence); Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan, an investment banker turned master of wine; and Heather Czechowski, an engineer who overcame her fear of public speaking to become a teacher. 

Nearly every kind of career change is represented here, helping you see that no matter what your circumstances are, you can make the transition to a job you love.

Bonus #3: Continuing Education (Value $50)


Discover books, websites, articles, videos and more for a deeper dive into the work you've started in the course. Wherever you need additional support, the resources we've curated have you covered, including:

     •  Overcoming your fear when making a big change
     •  Time management
     •  Finding your passion
     •  How to prepare for informational interviews
     •  How to build (and use) a productive professional network
     •  And much more!

Bonus #4: 8 Case Studies with Actual No Regrets Graduates (Value $50)

One of the biggest things that prevents career changers from finding their bliss is that they quit too soon. When you're in the middle of a dip, it's hard to see out the other side. 

Hear from No Regrets Career Academy alums who have used this same material to craft a career they love, with all the ups and downs along the way, and how you can absolutely do the same.

Bonus for first 25 registrants: 60-minute 1:1 Coaching session (Value $500)

People often tell me they struggle to come up with new career options that they haven't already kicked around (and ruled out) before. The first 25 people to register for the course will receive a free 60 minute, 1-on-1 coaching session with me where I will personally help you brainstorm 20+ new career options based on your answers to the course material. (Value $500)
Total Value of Bonuses = $900
What you'll have at the end of the 8-week course:
  • A personal definition of success that helps you feel as successful as you look
  • A list of potential careers you’re excited about
  • A solid plan to systematically test your options so you can confidently take action on the one that's best suited for you and your goals
6 payments of
    No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
    I want you to join me so that I can help you finally discover the career that you've desired for so long.

    However, in order for me to do that for you it requires a great deal of work on my part to walk you through step-by-step from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

    And just like you I have bills to pay…

    And just like you my time is very valuable…

    However, I don't want price to hinder you from making this life-changing decision to invest in yourself and join a program that is proven to help people just like you achieve the career that they want.

    That's why, I have decided to offer this program for just six easy payments of $97.

    That's right, you can get started TODAY for as little as $97 and you'll get access to everything that you need to get started moving towards the career of your dreams.

    You'll make substantial gains and progress towards your goal BEFORE the second payment is even due!

    And here's the best part…

    You Are Backed By 
    A 100% Money Back Guarantee
    I seriously don't want you to have to worry about the money.

    This program will change your life. I promise.

    That's why you are backed by my generous 100% "no questions asked" money back guarantee.

    Try the course for 30 days.

    If you don't like it for any reason… send me an email and I'll refund every last penny.

    You have absolutely zero risk and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain.
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Don't Let Your Future Slip Away... 
    Invest Now In The Job Of Your Dreams!
    To your success,
    Jen Gresham
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